Starlight SMP


The one that started it all.

"Hey, Roulette, what if we started an SMP?"

— Sage, probably, at some point in time

Sage is part of the Original 5 on the Starlight SMP. They also founded it alongside Roulette.

In lore, Sage was corrupted by the Heart of the Sea, forcing them to act on the whims of the Heart. Each nautilus shell added increases the strength of the Heart's grip on Sage, up to 8 nautilus shells. Heart corruption is visible as black liquid that covers more and more of Sage's limbs as more and more corruption occurs. CAKE-DF was founded to prevent this, and while not totally successful at their mission of stopping the Heart's corruption of Sage, they did manage to prevent a lot of mass carnage that would have been done otherwise.

tl;dr the heart of the sea takes over sage's mind and cake-df stops a lot of damage

Outside of the Starlight SMP, Sage likes Hypixel and the Dream SMP. In fact, Sage doesn't just like DSMP - it's what's flowing through their bloodstream at this point.